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  • Indogamers, The Largest Indonesian Gamers Community, merupakan komunitas yang dibangun dengan latar belakang para gamers secara umum di Indonesia. Dengan jumlah anggota yang ada saat ini sebanyak 300.000++ orang, Forum IDGS menjadi salah satu forum terdepan, khususnya untuk komunitas gamers dengan berbagai komunitas untuk private server, web base game, dllsb. Hal ini menjadi modal dasar yang sangat potensial sebagai media promosi khususnya bagi game publisher ataupun perusahaan untuk memasarkan produk yang akan dijual.

    Indogamers, The Largest Indonesian Gamers Community, is a community builds by those who generally gamers in Indonesia. Woth the number of member of 300.000++ members, the IDGS Forum is one of the forefront Forum particularly for gamers community including various commnuity of private server, web based games and others. This make a basic capital potential as Promotion media especially for Game Publishers or Companies to advertise their products.


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  • Why Love Microsite?

    They provide the site owner with complete control over design more than if just a product page on the main site. The flexibility of design also allows them to closely integrate content with design

    Why Hate Microsite?

    One of the buggest problems with microsites is that they force users to adapt to different user interfaces

    The Benefit of Microsites :
    • Focus
    • Details
    • Highly Targeted
    • Exclusive Branding
    • Better Engagement
    • SEO Friendly
    Your Advantages :
    • We'll do the design for you with accordance of your team's guidance
    • Integrated with other Indogamers's services
    • Your Very own place among our domain
    • An information center for your campaign identity
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